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Frankie’s World offers many advantages to your patient and their family

We Are a Company Passionate About All Children

Frankie’s World is centrally located, and easily accessible. Frankie’s World allows parents to work, and fewer work days are missed

Frankie’s World offers services such as physical and occupational therapy, speech pathology/audiology, and recreational therapy, all in a single setting

Frankie’s World has a staff with many years of experience in pediatric care, and is affiliated with sister company MarsCare, a provider of pediatric nursing in the home


Frankie’s World provides hours that suit the family’s needs, available up to 12 hours each day, 7 days a week.

Frankie’s World provides socialization not available in the home setting


Frankie’s World adds educational stimulation and opportunities for intellectual growth

Frankie’s World can provide supplementation to home care when a nurse calls out, or a nursing agency cannot fulfill coverage

Frankie’s World provides respite care, allowing the primary caregiver an opportunity to run needed errands, or just have recuperative time for self

To refer a patient to Frankie’s World:

  • Discuss the need for medical day care with the parent (and social worker if available).
  • Work/school verification (family members’ work hours and days) may need to be submitted by the family to their insurance company on letterhead stationery from their place of employment.
  • Write a letter of medical necessity showing:
    • Diagnoses
    • Treatment and plan of care
    • Current medications
    • Therapies that may be needed, such as PT, OT or ST
    • Hours of service needed at Frankie’s World, up to 12 hours per day, 7 days a week

Fax your letter to:

  • The case manager at the insurance company
  • Lisa Marie Verdi, Administrative Nurse Manager – fax: 215-763-0122
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