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Frankie’s World provides a consistent, reliable care option for working families. You can trust our talented, pediatric-trained nursing staff to care for your child while you are away.

Good For Kids

Recreation and therapies (speech, OT, PT)

Large play areas with many toys and books

Music and art

Opportunities for learning and intellectual growth

Have fun with other children and develop social skills

One health professional for every 3 children


I am so blessed to have Frankie’s World a part of my son’s developmental experience.  We could not had done any of this without Frankie’s World. I really want the world to know about the love and support you have provided him. Thank you!

Because of my son’s heart medication, I was not able to work outside the home until we found Frankie’s World. Now he is cared for by nurses I trust, and he receives his therapies there too. I love that about Frankie’s World

Finding Frankie’s World was such a relief! Now my little girl loves playing and learning with the other children, and I can relax knowing that the skilled nursing staff at Frankie’s World are monitoring her blood sugar levels throughout the day. I am so grateful for Frankie’s World!

Great For Parents

Replaces or Supplements in-home nursing care

Free to parents - costs are covered by insurance and donations

No work days missed

No nurse call outs

Great location that's easy to reach

Flexible hours - up to 12 hours per day, 7 days a week

Transportation is provided through the PA Medical Assistance Transportation Program

Why Frankie’s World

Families Feel Secure

Fully Qualified Nurses

Physicians Are Always On Call and Only A Speed Dial Away

Controlled Environment for Medical Conditions and Emergencies

A Day Of Learning

An enrich curriculm to help every child develop academically.

A Day Of Fun

Social and Emotional development through interactive activies to stimulate community growth

Physical Fitness

Stimulating strong and physical awareness through play and exercise.

A sample day includes meal times, medical assessments, free play time, arts and crafts related to weekly themes, nap time, computer time, games and activities that promote gross and fine motor skills as well as teach important life skills. The children, toddlers and up, participate in daily circle time where we read stories, sing songs, and learn age appropriate activities. Our large, open play areas provide opportunities for children at all developmental levels to socialize, learn and grow.


Nursing services include tracheostomy/ventilator care, g-tube feedings, medication administration, seizure monitoring, wound care, apnea monitoring, and many other services.



To qualify, a letter of medical necessity and prescription must be written by your child’s doctor, and approved by your insurance company. Your insurance company may also require work/school verification (the work hours and work days for everyone in your family that works outside the home) submitted on your employer’s stationery. Our dedicated staff at Frankie’s World will help you step-by-step with this process.


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