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Frankie's World is a Win-Win Medical Model!

We Are Committed To Providing An Environment Where Children Feel Loved

  • Frankie’s World can safely accommodate earlier discharges from the hospital
  • Frankie’s World can help keep the insurer in compliance with government directives
  • Frankie’s World is a cost effective model
  • Frankie’s World offers onsite availability of therapists (physical, occupational, and speech)
  • Frankie’s World offers the potential for some children to progress to a point where skilled nursing services will no longer be needed
  • Frankie’s World has a staff with many years experience in pediatric care, and is affiliated with MarsCare

To learn more about the advantages of Frankie’s World, the only non-profit medical day care in Philadelphia, or to arrange a tour, please contact us. Our dedicated staff is standing by, ready to work with you and your clients.


To learn more about Frankie’s World, Feel Free to Contact Us By Telephone (215-763-0151) or Email by filling in the form below.

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